Tolerance – A Verse by Bobill

by Bobill

If my facebook photography-friends who love Nikon
No longer “like” my photos –
Because I make them with Canon Cameras,
I understand.

If some facebook friends think I’m a country bumpkin,
A redneck, honky and hillbilly –
Because I attended a small 11-grade high school
I understand.

If my Methodist friends who love getting sprinkled
Criticize me, saying I’m not a true believer –
Because I studied at a Baptist University –
I understand.

If some wonder about my democrat-party bona fides –
When they learn
That I voted for Richard Nixon in 1972 –
I understand.

But when some of my facebook friends – and relatives
Turn on me in a most unfriendly manner
Because they dislike my political views –
I find that a little difficult to understand.

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