What Will Happen When I Say You’re Sorry? – by Bobill

Cabin Fever Picking Party In Hampton several years ago.

This is my laughable try at writing the lyrics to a song written in the style of a country music love song. Read it, hum it, play it, or sing it – and leave me a comment.

What Will Happen When I Say You’re Sorry?

I woke up and dreamed you were sleeping –
And slept some while I was awake.
I slept like – a baby,
Woke up – and thought, maybe –
My nightmare’s gone home – for your sake.

[What will happen when I say you’re sorry –
And vow not to leave me again?
If you cry – like a baby,
Then perhaps, maybe –
I’ll open your arms – and come in.]

You cried till I gave you my sports car –  
And I vowed you’d return love in kind.
Now hear – this well, baby,
I been thinking – maybe –
You’ll drive it – right out of my mind.


What would you do if I told you, sweetheart –
I found another I thought was true,
But then – found out, baby
That just – perhaps, maybe
It’s not me she loves – but it’s you.?


3 thoughts on “What Will Happen When I Say You’re Sorry? – by Bobill

      1. Yes, it is humorous. A lot of country and western song lyrics are very humorous. Ha


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