Three Short Verses – by Bobill

Most Elusive Bird

Men hunt game birds of every stripe
They that shriek, or chirp, or pipe.
And stalk them anywhere they dwell,
Some easy prey, some hard to fell.

The most elusive bird around
Is often hunted – never found.
Many hunt the snipe – just once;
He who hunts him twice – a dunce.

A Long Trip

There once was a man named Serenity
Who said he came from infinity.
He said he came fast,
Not once was he passed,
But it felt ——– like it took ———- an eternity.



He was born unannounced,
And moves unseen,
And he’s gained immortal fame.
No one knows him,
Or where he lives –
But everyone knows his name.

3 thoughts on “Three Short Verses – by Bobill

  1. I enjoyed your three short verses. I laughed about trying to find the snipe. I remember seeing several t.v. shows that involved people taking others to hunt snipe. Nice post friend. Peggy


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