How a Scarecrow’s Face Tested My Mental Acuity

I meet with a group regularly in Hampton that discusses popular subjects of the day, national and international topics of interest and that tries to bring meaning to a world full of meaningless chaos. I’ve been a temporary member for some time, and yesterday I took the test to become a full-fledged member:

I had to complete the scarecrow shown in the photo in less than two hours, and to do that I had to paste 17 (I hope I counted correctly) pieces onto a round plate – using only an accurate photo of a completed scarecrow. BTW, I finished the job in only one hour and 45 minutes. The average grade the group game me, was a C-, just good enough to pass. The members then voted to make me a certified member and welcomed me into the group – with all the privileges and honors that membership bestows on full-fledged members. I should note that the vote was not unanimous; dissenters were jealous of my skills.

Now, to the intellectuals among us: do you believe you could produce such an accurate version of the scarecrow – provided you were given the same material that I was – but without any hints or directions – or a photo of the finished version of the scarecrow?

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