Verse About Friendship – by Bobill

Friends always smile

Katie Smiled

Katie Smiled when we met –
Looking up from the chair she sat in;
Ann Landers, you love to get
Sweets into your column –
So, put that in:Say I’m romantic,
Say  I’m a fool …
By looks and brains denied,
Say I’m over the Hill – but add –
Katie Smiled!

|If my being sad – would make you happy,
I’d go out and gather grief –
Invest in desperation –
Expecting no relief.
But if I saw you happy,
There would go my grief –
And with it my investment –
No bailout – no relief.

If my being happy – would make you happy,
I’d go out and corner joy –
Invest in love, felicity –
And watch my fortune grow.
We’d share that joy forever
Compounded interest – that –
No bank could hold the dividends
My investment would begat.            

I Glanced Her Way
I liked a little girl in school,
And when we would meet in the hall –
I’d glance her way,
and she’d smile my way –
And that was the sum  of it all.

The girl went away, and I had to  stay;
I thought our business was through –
But many years later,
Our paths crossed again –
And we made a memory or two.

But she went her way, and I went my way,
And I think – of her now and then –
(Of how – I glanced her way,
And – she smiled my way) –
And ponder – a new Facebook friend?

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