Flowers – Some Photo-Paintings

These are much prettier on a large-screen display,

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Pink dogwood blossom – in my neighborhood last spring

I’ve always wanted to be an artist of some kind but never discovered my talent. I do take a few photos – so I hired a professional artist to paint some of my favorite photos. This set is all about flowers, some taken up close with a macro lens. If you think you recognize the painter ‘s style from these paintings, please don’t give him away; he doesn’t need the publicity. I might decide to update this page from time to time, so please check back.

Pertunia blossoms at my place.
Close-up of lantana blooms – my place two days ago.
Water lily blooms in Coastal Maine – two years ago.
A gaggle of mixed purslane portulaca blooms at my place – two days ago.
Closeup of purslane portulaca -at my place yesterday – different plant from those above.
An immature lotus blossom -Norfolk Botanical Garden (NBG) – couple of years ago.
More pink dogwood blossoms – in the neighbor.
A more mature lotus blossom – NBG.
An even more mature lotus blossom -NBG

5 thoughts on “Flowers – Some Photo-Paintings

  1. BTW, Peggy, The actual photo of the petunia which is several years is one of my favorites. I’ve posted it several times on different sites and it’s received a lot of good comments. The same is true with some of the others, so they didn’t really to be dressed up, but I love the oil-painting effect. Thanks again.


  2. Thank you, Peggy – the comment about the artist was meant as a joke, which I should not have supposed everyone would recognize as such. Being an avid photographer, I just assumed that everybody would recognize that these photos had been processed through a software filter which gives them that special artistic (read painted) look which makes the already-attractive photos even most attractive. I hope you don’t feel bad or think I meant to pass these off as real art, even though it gives them a special look.


    1. I don’t feel bad – really did think you found a fantastic artist. Ha You learn something new every day – no matter how old you are. That looks like a great software filter.


  3. Absolutely beautiful artwork. Whoever the artist is – they have magnificent talent. Thank you so much for sharing these. I am an amateur painter, but I do not have the talent this artist has. Wow!!!!


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