Oh, Lincoln – A Verse by Bobill

I made this several years ago at Lincoln’ Memorial.

Oh, Lincoln! – by Bobill

Oh, Lincoln, you should be living at this hour!
As During your life, these are perilous times,
And America has need of you.!
Our President seems to side with our enemies,
And to scorn and shun our friends.
He seems to prefer autocracy to democracy –
And proposes measures that would deny equal justice
To persons he deems unworthy Americans –
He builds barriers against all manner of perceived threats –
From within and from out the nation –
And stretches the perception of truth
Until the distinction between fact and fiction –
Becomes blurred –
To such limits as fits his purpose.
Send a sign, oh wise and honest, Lincoln –
On wings of our better Angels –
That those who doubt the president’s motives
Might see better to discern —
Whether they misjudge the President’s purpose
By his deeds and what he says –
Or whether – he is truly a threat to our liberty –
As promised in our cherished Constitution!

2 thoughts on “Oh, Lincoln – A Verse by Bobill

  1. Ah, Lincoln – a wise and noble man and my favorite president. I liked your poem. It is very hard to understand just what our current president is trying to do. The childish antics of most of the politicians in Washington D.C. is extremely tiring. Working together seems impossible for the Democrats and Republicans. Things need to change.


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