Christmas Means Charity to All

Toomsboro, Georgia Methodist Church - where I have fond memories of Christmas Eve Services. Some (maybe most) Christians will argue that without Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, Christianity would have been still born. Perhaps, but Christ’s exemplary Christian life and crystalized teachings recorded in the Bible, stand as testament to the importance of his birth and … Continue reading Christmas Means Charity to All

How a Scarecrow’s Face Tested My Mental Acuity

I meet with a group regularly in Hampton that discusses popular subjects of the day, national and international topics of interest and that tries to bring meaning to a world full of meaningless chaos. I’ve been a temporary member for some time, and yesterday I took the test to become a full-fledged member: I had … Continue reading How a Scarecrow’s Face Tested My Mental Acuity

Tequila Moonrise – What a Relief It Was!

Even as a fledgling engineer at the NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC) in Hampton, Virginia I was privileged to play a small part in a pretty important research project. The project was initiated to study the heating effects on spacecrafts entering the earth’s atmosphere at high velocities. The launch vehicle was a five-stage solid-propellant rocket … Continue reading Tequila Moonrise – What a Relief It Was!